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The Nihilist Spasm Band


In collaboration with the art space Circuit.

  • 17.10, 22:30Salle des fêtes

Considered by many experimental musicians as the first noise band of all times, it’s thanks to Jojo Hiroshige’s invitation to Japan in 1996 that the members of the NSB achieved their status of a cult band. Claiming their amateurism et non-music, these teachers, artists, librarians and doctors first got together as a joke to make a kazoo movie soundtrack. Because they liked making noise together, they decided to meet every Monday evening and still continue to do so today. Non-films, documents, homemade instruments and nihilist banquets are presented at Circuit art centre in addition to this concert.

> See also: No Party, a Nihilist Banquet at Circuit Gallery, October 19
> See also: What about Me, The Nihilist Spasm Band documentary

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