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Francesco Fonassi


Quasai, 2019

  • 16.10, 22:30Salle des fêtes

Starting this edition with an installation rather than a concert. That was the idea. But the Italian artist chose to experiment with something else: three parts that he will bring together for the first time in a single set. Separated in the room, those three performances will follow one another, one with the sound system, the other via a bass amp, and finally via a transducer placed on the metal bars on the room’s ceiling. Each part comes from its experiences and installations exploring the separating relations between reality and perception, body and thought, activity and passivity. For Fonassi, the act of listening possesses the role of pivot, of threshold where certainties flicker. At the LUFF, he will play with the visible objects of the room and the simulation of audio-visual phenomena.

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