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Power OFF

What does remain of underground artistic practices when the plug is pulled out? This year, OFF powers off to experiment what an underground esthetics detached from technological devices and modern industrial products may look like. Whether it is DIY, recycling or lo-fi, OFF endeavors to present propositions from artists and searchers whose practice breaks away from the techno-scientific paradigm prevailing nowadays, even within fringes.
Collectif SILO
AbSTRAL compost : Portes-voix-portées
Acoustic ball by La Nòvia
Davide Tidoni
Ensemble Bruiteurs
Jean-Luc Bourgeois: Gongs and bells
Luciano Maggiore & Louie Rice
Rodolphe Loubatière : Snare and objects
Stanislas Delarue presents: résidence Klangtisch