As every year during LUFF, you can host an artist or join the volunteers. You can also be part of LAFF and become LUFF's friend. Or you can meet us on facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram. You can also ask for accreditation.

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In L'OFF, you have lots of stuff to do or see for free that come on top of the Power Off section. There's a radio, there's a video installation in a container, there's a discussion with Didier Roth-Bettoni, there's a signature session at HumuS, there's a nihilist brunch where we can probably eat non-food with people who play non-music, there's an avant-garde TV installation, and there's the varnishing of the latest Rip On Off book written by Diamanda Galás.
FROM AIR AND FLAMES Marja-Leena Sillanpää
Andy Guhl feat. The Participants: sound performance
Warning: MNNN (Mario de Vega DJ set) has been moved to MUSIC program 19.10
No Party - A Nihilist Banquet
Schrei 27
Signature: Le Gore des Alpes
Seth Cluett feat. The Participants: sound performance
SWANS Live in the container : Lausanne, Dolce Vita, 25.06.1989
Discussion : The depiction of AIDS on screen
The Barzyk avant garde TV lounge
Rip on/off Varnishing - Diamanda Galás
DJs in the Casino's hall