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Rip on/off Varnishing - Diamanda Galás

The 12th book of the Rip on/off collection

Book varnishing

LUFF Container in front of the Casino de Montbenon

Thursday 17/10, from 6:30PM tp 7:30PM

In partnership with Master of Arts / Contemporary Arts Practice (CAP) HKB and EDHEA

  • 17/10
  • Devant le casino de Montbenon

Welcome to the opening of the Rip on/off book collection that is launching its 12th volume! This year, the five translators chose a text from the iconic figure, the antichrist in flesh and blood, the diva of the dispossessed, Diamanda Galás. Dans la gueule du crocodile (2012) is a lecture-performance given by Galás alone on stage, without singing, text in hand, reciting on a floor of words slipping away, looking for a voice speaking to the dead ones. During this opening, instead of Galás, Cléa Chopard (artist from Geneva) will freely oralize it. Then, director Davide Pepe will present the film-installation that he co-directed with Galás about torture and isolation: Schrei 27 will screen on loop, in a container.

> See also: Schrei 27 - a looped film installation by Diamanda Galás and Davide Pepe