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Signature: Le Gore des Alpes

Sunday 20/10 - 15h-17h,
Librairie HumuS

  • 20/10
  • HumuS

Le Gore des Alpes is horror, macabre, doom. It’s the back of the idyllic postcard you send to your grandparents when you go on vacation. Le Gore des Alpes is also sex, pain and pleasure, mixed body fluids. Le Gore des Alpes is humor. Black, cynical, it hits the mark every time.
It is a tribute to 50’s pulp, in its aesthetics and codes. They are references to a whole range of cinema, to the monsters of the past and to those, even more vicious, of today.
Come and sit at our table and enjoy a nice slice of Terreur du Terroir.
With: Philippe Battaglia (collection director, author), Gabriel Bender and Olive (authors too).