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Schrei 27

Rip on/off Varnishing

Looped film installation by Davide Pepe and Diamanda Galás

In the container

Thursday 18/10 - 7PM- 0PM
Friday 19/10 - 2PM-0PM

SCHREI 27 (2010)
A film installation by Davide Pepe and Diamanda Galás

Initially commissioned as a radio work in 1994, subsequently became, two years later, a live, five-miked , quadrophonic performance with the title Schrei X (performed in complete darkness in Portland, New York, Prague and Columbus). Last it become the album Schrei X published in 1996 by Mute.
In 2005, Diamanda Galás selected Italian video artist Davide Pepe to deal with the visual representation of Schrei 27 and after more than five years of hard work, only in 2010 the work was shown for the first time at the Spill Festival in London. So the film installation is a "posthumous" work, handled with four hands, with both Diamanda Galás and Salvatore Bevilacqua as actor/performer.
For the lyrics were used text extracts from St. Thomas Aquinas and the Book of Job, which speaks of condemnation and madness.
Eleven scenes for a duration of 27 minutes flows on the screen, looped, during which the anatomy of some parts of body undergoes the aesthetic bistoury of Pepe.
It is a film installation about torture, about the details of the torture on the forced internment. A protest work for the people who unjustly suffered a torture. It 'a film about the more extreme and terrifying research made by Diamanda Galás. The singer herself wrote: "The piece Schrei 27 is a very violent piece psychologically. If a person is isolated too long from society with false promises of release which constantly are presented to demoralize her/him, a suicidal impulse starts and builds that becomes so strong that the day may be spent looking for ways to kill oneself".

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