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It is thanks to audacity that many of the artists featured this year at LUFF succeeded in making their vision reality. Like Barbara Rubin who in 1963 created the first expanded cinema experience with Christmas on Earth; Fred Barzyk who undermined the sensible TV programs with avant-garde experimentations; the historical sound entity The Nihilist Spasm Band, who imagined the concept of non-musicality; the elusive Davide Tidoni who makes his performances into literally explosive happenings; and the OFF program which does the opposite of what one expects, cutting the current of the amplifiers. And as it would be too simple to just take advantage of the infrastructure to which we are used to, prepare yourselves for the hall of Paderewski that has been transformed to accommodate multi-screen performances, for the spectacle of a construction container being moved along the Montbenon promenade, for taking part in a ball in front of the Casino and for stumbling upon bizarre happenings in the streets of the city.

Artistic direction

Julien Bodivit, Thibault Walter

General direction

Marie Klay, Martina Pattonieri


Marie Klay


Martina Pattonieri


Juliette Henrioud

Press relations

Jennifer Siegrist

Sponsoring & Fundraising

Macha Winterhalter

Artistic direction –Film

Julien Bodivit

Film Programming

Julien Bodivit, Veronika Chekodanova, Marie Klay, Serge Mailloux, Eric Peretti, Isotta Regazzoni, Juana Robles, Jennifer Siegrist, Jessica Macor, Philippe Wiedmer

Film Equipment Management

Sébastien Baudet, Lionel Bize, Sawsane Hema, Marie Klay

Print Traffic Coordination

Marie Klay

Artistic direction –Music

Thibault Walter

Music Programming

Dimitri Meier, Francisco Meirino, Stefania Malorgio, Niko Mounoud, Hiroko Pennec-Sato, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter, Marc Zendrini

Music Coordination

Dimitri Meier

Sound System


Programmation Workshops

Marc Zendrini, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter

Coordination Workshops

Gabriel Grossert

L’OFF Coordination & Programming

Romain Berger, Gabriel Sidler

LUFF radio

Emma Souharce, Quentin

Artistic Coordination

Martina Pattonieri

Local Transportation

Stéphanie Robyr

Artist Liaison, Accommodation, Backstage

Marika Barman, Célia Magliocco

Welcome & Accreditation

Amandine Marchand, Cindy Mendicino

Box Office

Camille Nguyen

Volunteers Coordination

Lana Damergi, Sébastien Scheiwiller, Ruth Noemi Munganga


Lucien Schubert, Yannick Schader


Fabrizio Ilardo

Sustainable Developpement

Lionel Bardet


Thibaud Otz

Info & Boutique

Macha Winterhalter

Music Boutique



Cristina Martinoni

Visual Identity & trailer

Designed by Dimitri Jeannottat, using images by Tiphaine Allemann.
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Editorial Coordination

Isotta Regazzoni

Photographs Coordination

Sandra Guignard


Pablo Perez


Aline Bonvin


Malik Guerid (310k)


Le LUFF est un projet mené dans le cadre de l’Association pour la Promotion de la Culture Indépendante (APCI), et repose sur le bénévolat de ses membres. Celle-ci est guidée, depuis sa création en 2001, par deux buts primordiaux: promouvoir des artistes qui vivent pleinement de leur art et proposer au public des oeuvres et des performances rarement vues sous nos latitudes.


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