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Beatriz Ferreyra


Huellas entreveradas – 14’40” – 2018
Echos – 8'35'' – 1978
L'autre rive – 17’20’’ – 2007

  • 19.10, 22:30Salle des fêtes

Electronic concert of the Agentinian artist with, possibly, an original composition included! For 50 years, Ferreyra has structured elements that are not supposed to get along together. Her electroacoustic radicalizes the ambiguity of musique concrete, distinguishing between “raw” and “instrumental” sounds. She carves up this ambiguity in order to release unthinkable listenings. Simultaneous polyphony and monophony? FORÊT OVNI? In 1970, she begins to work, independently from artists like Schaeffer, Brown or Ligeti and explores computer music (from 1976), for dance, cinema or theatre.

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