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The Deeper You Dig

In the presence of Toby Poser

John Adams & Toby Poser, 2019, USA
HD, Color, English with French subs, 92’
Official site

Swiss premiere

  • 18.10, 20:30Cinématographe
  • 19.10, 16:00Cinéma Bellevaux

Declining psychic Ivy sees her daily life fall apart on the day her teenage daughter disappears. At the same time, a new neighbour is about to renovate a ruined farm. Then begins a strange triangular relationship with whiffs of grief and guilt.

With its sleek style, natural settings and subdued atmosphere, this supernatural thriller captivates as much as it affects. Playing with silences rather than shock effects, it demonstrates the common willingness of the authors to stand out from what is expected. This is because they’re not ordinary, since actors John Adams and Toby Poser, an off-screen couple, wrote, directed and produced this film with their daughter Zelda Adams, managing to create a sensitive and frightening work of family.

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