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Lake Michigan Monster

Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, 2018, USA
HD, b&w, English with French subs, 78’

European premiere

  • 17.10, 20:30Paderewski
  • 20.10, 16:30Paderewski

Galvanized by an insatiable need for revenge, eccentric Captain Seafield and his crew of freaky faces are hunting for the most appalling creature the Earth has ever carried: The Lake Michigan Monster!

Ryland B.C. Tews doesn’t have any money, but he has many ideas, a lot of humour, an obvious sense of rhythm, strong writing skills, and a tremendous dedication for the Monster Movies of the ‘50s. Shot with elbow grease and high on outright silliness, this first film is reminiscent of Winnipeg’s resourceful cinema, which is headed by Guy Maddin. But definitely more fun.

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