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Nitrate kisses

Preceded by Dyketactics

In the presence of Didier Roth-Bettoni

Barbara Hammer, 1974, USA
16mm, Color, Silent, 4'

Nitrate Kisses
Barbara Hammer, 1991, USA
16mm, b&w, English, 67'

  • 17.10, 20:30Cinématographe

“In 1974, when I made Dyketactics, the first love story in cinema seen by a lesbian, I had never seen a film, of any kind, directed by a well-known lesbian," explained Barbara Hammer about this founding short. It is paired for this session with Hammer’s first feature, Nitrate Kisses, which opens her trilogy. In both of them, the sensuality spills over these images, Nitrate Kisses involves four homosexual couples in the middle of various images (covers of lesbian pulp fictions, shots of the gay classic Lot in Sodom, etc.), but also evokes the writer Willa Cather to bring out the hidden story of lesbians and gays.


Barbara Hammer
16mm, color, no dialogue, 4'

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