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Dead Dicks

Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer, 2019, Canada
HD, Color, English with French subs, 83'
Official site

Swiss premiere

  • 19.10, 20:30Paderewski

We wanted to end this edition with a wrong impression of déjà vu. This film was particularly timely, it takes delight in manipulating the elusive part of the brain.

An aging schizophrenic, a devoted sister to the point of exhaustion, a psychorigid neighbor who hates metal and a corpse found in the closet, all behind closed doors obviously. So you think you can see it coming? You’re wrong. This American drama, midnight movie style, is in fact the first squeaky Canadian film that dares to ask disturbing questions like the right to die nowadays. Simply put, this film shot on a shoestring will make you mistake anus for vaginas.

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