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History lessons

Preceded by - Multiple Orgasm

In the presence of Didier Roth-Bettoni

History Lessons
Barbara Hammer, 2000, USA
16mm, Color/b&w, English, 70'

  • 19.10, 22:30Cinématographe

After the very intimate close-up of Tender Fictions, let's focus on wide shot with History Lessons. For this last part of the trilogy, Barbara Hammer not only does edit and collage, she also diverts the most varied images from their object (archives, sex education films, popular fictions, pornos, etc...) to reinvest with irresistible humor the forbidden, unspoken, undiscovered history of lesbians through the last century. To open the session, the short film Multiple Orgasm illustrates Hammer’s experimental virtuosity in representing sexuality between women. DRB

Multiple Orgasm

Multiple Orgasm
Barbara Hammer, 1976, USA,
16mm, Color, Silent, 6'

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