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Tender fictions

Preceded by I Was / I Am

In the presence of Didier Roth-Bettoni

Tender Fictions
Barbara Hammer, 1996, USA
16mm, Color, English, 58'
Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

  • 18.10, 18:30Cinématographe

In this second part of the trilogy dedicated to the invisible history of lesbians, Barbara Hammer demonstrates her incredible maestria in editing and collage, mixing the most diverse materials (family films, television images, excerpts from academic texts, personal memories, photos of Hollywood films, etc.) for a funny and striking autobiographical documentary. From her childhood when her mother pictured her as the new Shirley Temple to the 1970s when she discovered the word “lesbian”, her own life is used as raw material. The session is complemented by I Was/ I Am, one of Hammer’s first shorts, where she interprets a lesbian biker. DRB

I Was / I Am

I Was / I Am
Barbara Hammer, 1973, USA
16mm, b&w, no dialogue, 7'

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