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Television experiments

  • 18.10, 20:30le Romandie

In the presence of George Fifield

On the agenda, a portrait of Nam June Paik, whom the critics considered the most famous of bad pianists, including the mythical performance of John Cage, 4 minutes and 33 seconds at Harvard Square. But also the most daring episode of bostonian TV’s most radical show : What’s Happening, Mr. Silver?, defying all the laws of logic and common sense, as well as a free video composition by Peter Campus. Lastly, The Journey is Fred Barzyk’s latest creation within WGBH.

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The Strange Music of Nam June Paik

John Musilli, 1975, USA,
Video, Color, English, 27’

What’s Happening, Mr. Silver? Madness & Intuition

Fred Barzyk, 1968, USA
Video, Color, English, 29’

Three Transitions

Peter Campus, 1973, USA
Video, Color, Silent, 5’

The Journey

Fred Barzyk, 2011, USA
HD, Color, English, 21’