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The Wolf House

Joaquín Cociña & Cristóbal León, 2018, Chile/Germany
HD, Color, Spanish & German with English and French subs, 75
Official Site

Swiss premiere

  • 17.10, 22:30Paderewski
  • 20.10, 18:30Paderewski

Punished because she let three little pigs escape from the camp where she worked, young Maria escapes through the woods and ends up taking refuge in a small house. There she meets two of the pigs that are going through an anthropomorphic mutation. Isolated from the outside world and threatened by the bloodthirsty beast constantly lurking around them, this curious family tries in vain to find balance…With its vertiginous animation and perpetual movement, The Wolf House is a dark and cruel fable where our worst nightmares are rooted in a madness that knows no limits.

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