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Dollhouse : The Eradication of Female Subjectivity from American Popular Culture

Nicole Brending, 2018, USA
HD, Color, English with French subs, 77'
Official site

Swiss premiere

  • 17.10, 18:30le Romandie
  • 19.10, 16:15EJMA

Dollhouse describes the life and career of Junie Spoons, former child star sunk into the spiral of a success that others will manage for her, even when it means reducing her to being a shallow, yet oversexualized, object… With a few plastic dolls, some clay, papier mâché, and a good dose of determination, Nicole Brending wrote/produced/edited/directed… a raw and radical film that doesn’t spare anything and anyone. The corrosive humour that emerges goes beyond the simple itch, and may well cause some skin rushes to sensitive individuals.

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