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Unplanned deviations

  • 18.10, 20:30Paderewski

Commissioning documentary films on matters of public interest to overzealous people can sometimes be such an embarrassment to sponsors that they prefer not to broadcast them. On the program: the rigorous application of the handbook in case of a nuclear attack in England which becomes the most frightening of anticipation movies, an investigation on waste sorting in Brazil which leads to an implacable observation, and a Swedish documentary on AIDS that paints a bleak picture of the medical profession by dipping into some nebulous theories.

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The War Game

Peter Watkins, 1965, UK
HD, b&w, English with French subs, 46’

Isle of flowers

Ilha das Flores
Jorge Furtado, 1989, Brasil
Digital, Color, French, 12’

Something Happened

Någonting har hänt
Roy Andersson, 1993, Sweden
Digital, Color, Swedish with French subs, 24’