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Shock to save

  • 17.10, 16:30Cinéma Bellevaux
  • 19.10, 18:30Paderewski

A Farm, railway tracks, a playground, or a hospital, so many disparate places likely to become settings to cruel tragedies if too little attention is paid to the most elementary safety rules. In order to prevent the worst, these films, through the lense of fiction, including such genres as scathing parody, pointed melodrama, and disaster movie, will allow you to measure the possible consequences of malicious acts. Warning, The Child Molester contains particularly shocking images.

Also as part of the LUFF education:
> Program 1: From Reality to Fiction - Hell’s Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films
> Program 2: Unplanned Deviations
> Program 4: Top Secret - Captured


John Mackenzie, 1977, UK
HD, Color, English, 27’

The Finishing Line

John Krish, 1977, UK
HD, Color, English with French subs, 20’

The Child Molester

Herbert J. Leder, 1964, USA
HD, English, 20’

Hospitals Don’t Burn Down

Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1978, Australia
HD, Color, English, 24’