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Letters to Paul Morrissey

In the presence of Adán Martín, producer

Armand Rovira & Saida Benzal, 2018, Spain
HD, b&w, German, English and Japanese with Englsih & French subs, 77’
Official site

Swiss premiere

  • 18.10, 22:30EJMA
  • 19.10, 18:30Cinéma Bellevaux

Written in the grain of the 16mm and read by voices that do not always match with the faces printed in the picture, five letters, addressed to the most cult filmmaker of the Warhol Factory, follow one another to form an anthology for the senses where words acquire a palpable texture, and where the waltz of feelings gives rise to a visual maelstrom that never ceases to surprise. Existential crisis, addiction, fear of time passing, pain, or even vampirism, Letters to Paul Morrissey jumps easily between topics and proves to be one of the most beautiful love letters ever written.

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