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  • 17.10, 22:30EJMA
  • 19.10, 20:30Cinématographe

Contemplation, bewilderment, figurative abstraction, a docu-fictional artistic device, body art performance, pigeon, suspended rose flamingo,… Both a hypnotic journey and a spatio-temporal disorientation machine, the experimental shorts program roams the hidden depths and crevices throughout the landscapes, be they urban, digital, material, vegetative or bursting with flesh.

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> Experimental Films – New Bodies Discarded Bodies
> Fiction Films

Wide awake

Rafael de Almeida, 2018, Brasil
HD, Color, English, 7’

Liquid Traits of an Image Apparatus

Vera Sebert, 2019, Austria
HD, b&w, Silent, 7’22’’

Curriculum Vitae

Ece Ezer, 2019, Slovenia
HD, Color, Silent, 8’26’’

Life After Love

Zachary Epcar, 2018, USA
HD, Color, English, 8’25’’

Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness

Saif Alsaegh, 2019, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 8’47’’

When It Is Still

Anna Kipervaser, 2018, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 10’

The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs

Ross Meckfessel, 2019, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 11’


Belangtelon Initiative, 2017, Indonesia
HD, Color, Silent, 5’17’’

Because Time

Nicole Rayburn, 2019, Canada
HD, Color, English, 3’31’’

A Peculiar Week in My Dream Journal, May 1973

Ryan & Rachel Betschart-Nakawatase, 2019, USA
HD, Color, English, 6’17’'

The Paradist: Space Crusader

Michael Mersereau, 2019, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 2’06’’