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  • 18.10, 18:30Cinéma Bellevaux
  • 20.10, 16:30Cinéma Bellevaux

Contemplation, bewilderment, figurative abstraction, a docu-fictional artistic device, body art performance, pigeon, suspended rose flamingo,… Both a hypnotic journey and a spatio-temporal disorientation machine, the experimental shorts program roams the hidden depths and crevices throughout the landscapes, be they urban, digital, material, vegetative or bursting with flesh.

Also in the short film competition:
> Animation Films
> Experimental Films – Views from Past Futures
> Fiction Films


Anna Spence, 2018, USA
HD, Color, English, 4’16’’


Jimmy Ménez, 2019, France
HD, Color, Silent, 5’11’’

A Double Caprice at the Asylum

Stéphane Rizzi, 2019, France
DCP, b&w, Silent, 6’10’’

Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Michael Higgins, 2018, Ireland
HD, Color, Silent, 2’40’’


Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 2018, Ireland
HD, Color, Silent, 11’22’’

Documentation Report (No. 0617-0918)

Beatrice Moumdjian 2019 Allemagne HD, couleur, muet, 4’50’’

September 3rd 2015

Sara Jurincic, 2018, Croatia
DCP, Color, Croatian with English subs, 8’45’’

Nutrition Fugue

Péter Lichter, 2018, Hungary
HD, Color, Silent, 4’


Isabell Bullerschen & Florian Baumann, 2019, Switzerland
HD, Color, English, 4’46’’


Martin Reinhart & Virgil Widrich, 2018, Austria/Germany
DCP, Color, Silent, 5’

The Stone Guest

Marina Fomenko, 2018, Russia
HD, b&w, Silent, 8’20’’

The Glass Note

Mary Helena Clark, 2018, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 9’


Werther Germondari, 2019, Italy
HD, Color, Silent, 2’20’’