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  • 17.10, 20:30EJMA
  • 19.10, 15:45le Romandie

A jaguar serial killer in love, a violent actor trapped in an ad reel, a physically abusive camera, a dog disillusioned by postmodernist art... All these unexpected characters reflect a surprising variety of works and styles in this program that is no longer strictly fiction, shamelessly flirting with experimental, including elements of documentary and (our usual customer) inspired violence and gore. The latter deliver much of our particular blend of comedy, but in addition to it this selection also concerns itself with serious issues, such as alienation, identity, sexism, pressures of life in our post-post-modern society. Did you think art was there just for your entertainment ?

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> Animation Films
> Experimental Films – New Bodies Discarded Bodies
> Experimental Films – Views from Past Futures

Procedure Part 2

Calvin Lee Reeder, 2019, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 3'


Lorenzo Monti, 2019, Australia
HD, Color, English with French subs, 10'


Attila Damokos, 2019, Hungary
HD, b&w, Silent, 7'


Camille Monette, Roxane De Koninck & Keenan Poloncsak, 2017, Canada
HD, Color, French with English subs, 15'


Yuening Cai, 2019, Chine
HD, Color, Silent, 14'

C'était une belle soirée

Katrina Meyrat 2019 Canada HD, couleur, français, 4'

Great Choice

Robin Comisar, 2018, USA
HD, Color, English with French subs, 7'

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre

Ilja Rautsi, 2018, Finland
HD, Color, English with French subs, 15'

I can take it...

Jeanne Jo, 2019, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 1'

Valerio's Day Out

Michael Arcos, 2019, USA
HD, Color, English with French subs, 8'

The Inconceivable Mountain

Daniel Witkin, 2018, USA
HD, b&w - Color, English with French subs, 16'