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  • 18.10, 16:30Cinéma Bellevaux
  • 19.10, 18:30le Romandie

This year we were letting go of our obsession with dogs and drugs. It was time to face the facts, most of the works we encountered seemed to concern themselves with other things and it did us good to change the tune. Though it was not our intention, this time we find ourselves talking a lot about the body. Stories about perfection, anxiety, struggle and freaking out, with some laughs mixed in so as not to spoil your evening too much.

Also in the short film competition:
> Experimental Films – New Bodies Discarded Bodies
> Experimental Films – Views from Past Futures
> Fiction Films

Slug Life

Sophie Koko Gate, 2019, UK
HD, Color, English with French subs, 7’


Nathan Sonenfeld, 2019, USA
HD, Color, English with French subs, 4’

Look mum blue yellow white dog

Peter Millard, 2018, UK
HD, Color, English, 1’


Malte Stein, 2018, Germany
HD, Color, German with French subs, 10’

Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt

Robert Morgan, 2019, UK
HD, Color, Silent, 8’

Bunny Rabbit

Victoria Vincent, 2018, USA
HD, Color, Silent, 2’

Dix Pix

Steven Fraser, 2019, UK
HD, Color, English with English subs, 4’


Marta Pajek, 2018, Poland
HD, Color, Silent, 12’

Hell Hath No Furie

Kitty Faingold, 2018, UK
HD, Color, Silent, 6’

Your Are Overreacting

Karina Paciorkowska, 2019, Poland
HD, Color, English with English subs, 4’

Live a Little

Jenny Jokela, 2018, UK
HD, Color, English with French subs, 4’


Jacky de Groen, 2017, Belgium
HD, Color, Silent, 2’

There Were Four of US

Cassie Shao, 2019, USA/China
HD, Color, English with French subs, 7’

Opening Night

Margaret Bialis, 2018, USA
HD, Color, English, 5’