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In the presence of Didier Roth-Bettoni

Derek Jarman, 1978, UK
DCP, colo, English with French subs, 116'

  • 18.10, 22:30Paderewski

Hated by the British punks at the time it was released, Jubilee now appears as the film that has understood the essence of this movement and its time, between nihilist revolt and capitalism recoupment. Fascinating dystopia, Jubilee transports Queen Elizabeth I from 16th century to an undetermined future where United Kingdom is left to chaos. Radical girl gangs, raging music, Christian orgies, urban attacks, unscrupulous businessmen… Derek Jarman mixes image formats as eras, genres as much as musics, bringing together on screen Adam and the Ant, Siouxie & the Banshees, Wayne County… DRB

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