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Carte blanche to Film-Makers' Coop

  • 19.10, 16:00Paderewski

In the presence of Katherine Bauer

The Film-Makers’ Coop is now the oldest and largest artist-run organization devoted to the dissemination of moving image art. Founded in 1961 by a group of 22 artists including, among others, Jonas Mekas and Flo Jacobs as the New American Cinema Group, the Film-Makers’ Coop mission is to provide visibility for works of art of all structures and forms from all cultural, gender, ethnic backgrounds. The three double projection pieces presented in this carte blanche incarnate distincts ways in which the double projection dispositif shapes the films content through the expanded structure. KB

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The film projections embody points of touching and separation of bodies…

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Christmas On Earth

Barbara Rubin, 1963, USA
Double projection 16mm, b&w/Color, Silent, 30’

Christmas on Earth which is possibly the first expanded cinema work ever made, in 1962 by Barbara Rubin, when she was juste 18, uses an overlay of the two projections to describe and create its topic. This piece is overtly about the body, interior and exterior, and the sensations literally traversing the bodies. Her layering of the two projections, one smaller inside of a larger one, articulates this sensation of entering the body: visual, physical and material penetration. KB


Josh Guilford & Andrew Ranville, 2019, USA
Double projection 16mm, Color, Silent, 15’

Circumambulations, uses the double projection format to cut out the body. An island is being explored by its perimeter, by the edge of it, that which defines it as a body, separate from another. The body should be between two projections, but is is not. This doubly articulates the feeling of a line, a trace between two projected images, around an island, we can not see. KB

Harbour City

Simon Liu, 2016, USA
Double projection 16mm, Color/b&w, Silent, 14’

Harbour City takes double projection and streches it even further with almost excessive double exposure. Images from both projections dance and fuse across the line between one another. The line often multiplies itself or completely disappears. The body is fused to become abstracted. KB