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The In-Between Cosmos of Katherine Bauer – Program 2

  • 18.10, 18:00Paderewski

As part of an expanded screening setup featuring Katherine Bauer’s precious work on 16mm films, LUFF dedicates a focus to this artist at the crossroads between cinema and installation. Several films will be presented, including an original piece: as many testimonies of the filmmaker’s oniric cosmos, between exploration of myth and folklore, erotism and nature. This cinerama will articulate itself with a carte blanche to the New York Film-Maker’s Coop of which Katherine is none other but co-president.

Looped projections, free access

Katherine Bauer works primarily with celluloid film and cinematic structure in its material potential for sculpture, photography, installation and live performance. Much of Bauer’s work involves mythologies, folklores, and female subjectivity as told through the means of visual media archaeology. Her work has been screened and performed across the United States and internationally at venues and institutions. Bauer’s solo exhibitions have been reviewed in Artforum, photograph magazine, and The Village Voice, among others. Bauer holds a BA in Film and Electronic Arts from Bard College and a MFA from New York University. She is a member of the New York based expanded cinema collective Optipus. Her films are distributed by The Film-Makers’ Cooperative of New York, for which she also serves as the Co-President of the Board of Directors. She is represented by Microscope Gallery in New York andis based in the Hudson Valley, New York.

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Early Camille's Automatic Lightning

Katherine Bauer, 2019, USA
Triple 16mm looped projection, Color, Silent, 15'

Première mondiale

The muses or mediums will be attempting to read the landscapes around them, through markings and impressions. Infusions with water, rock, and plant life. The sun and the moon circle above keeping change. A group of women, Camilles, infuse their bodies into these landscapes. What are the plants and waterfalls saying? How can the rocks and petals be read? What marks through sky and soil can be danced?
The light from the sun bounced off onto the light from the earthen beings takes growth through the former twisted metal of extraction to be weaved back in as moon vines into the animisms that abound.