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What the VAFT?

  • 18.10, 20:30EJMA

In the presence of Rose Pietola, VAFT director

Discover the surprising variety of a colorful international selection of art videos shown at the 2019 edition of VAFT.

Also in the VAFT carte blanche:
> The Finnish Collection

Galatée à l'infini

Mariangela Pluchino, 2017, Spain
HD, Color, French with English subs, 17’

Template Message

Marin Martinie, 2018, France
HD, b&w, Silent, 11’

Nobody's Fly

Kseny Bashmak, 2018, Russia,
HD, Color, Russian with English subs, 1’

Sometimes, He Paints Bathrooms

Rob Daglish, 2018, UK
HD, Color, English, 5‘

Reality Fragment 160921

Qigemu, 2017, UK/Sweden/Spain/USA
HD, Color, English, 14’

Operation Jane Walk

Leonhard Müllner & Robin Klengel, 2018, Austria
HD, Color, English, 16‘