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The Finnish Collection

  • 19.10, 14:30EJMA

In the presence of Rose Pietola, VAFT director

Turku, a medieval Finnish city in the west of Helsinki, has been hosting a festival dedicated to video art since 2016: VAFT. If the event offers some installations scattered throughout the city – and ina sometimes surprising way (the public library serves as a projection screen for a monumental animated loop during the nights of the event) – above all, it has the audacity to extract these works from their original settings in order to offer them a cinema hall framework, imposing an immersive and collective perspective. Here are two programs illustrating the work of film selection that has the particularity of being systematically concocted with the participation of a local artist: What the VAFT?, a colorful international selection, and The Finnish Collection, which brings together a variety of calm and airy Finnish videos.

Also in the VAFT carte blanche:
> What the VAFT?

Secret Words and Related Stories 2013–2016

Jonna Kina, 2016, Finland
HD, Color, English with English subs, 20’


Suominun/Toivanen, 2017, Finland/Estonia/Russia/Hungary
HD, Color, Silent, 8’

Heterosexual Love Story

Jaakko Pallasvuo, 2018, Finland
HD, Color, English, 8’


Henrik Malmström, 2017, Argentina
HD, Color, Silent, 13‘


Timo Wright, 2017, Finland
HD, Color, Silent, 4’

Letters from Here Somewhere

Mika J Ripatti, 2017, Finland
HD, Color, Silent, 15’