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Bourgeoise et... pute!

In the presence of Gérard Kikoïne

Gérard Kikoïne, 1982, France
HD, color, French, 77'
No one under 18 will be admitted

  • 18.10, 22:30Cinématographe

Sandra is dead. She has always rejected the easy comfort of constrained routine, and chose to encapsulate herself in a defiant life of multiple pleasures. Muriel, her conservative sister with a well-ordered life, inherits the key to Sandra's apartment and is gradually caught up in the personality of the former. Unless it's the other way around... Though this film belongs primarily to the pornographic genre, its script, directed with style and precision, sneers at all the pretense and can be interpreted under different angles, just like most of its characters. Brilliant !

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